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The restaurant “LA LOCANDA DEL FIUME” has been individually designed to offer a variety of traditional Abruzzi cuisine, including typical meals from both rural and marine culture.

Our aim is to guide you through highlights of Abruzzi cuisine, to help you discover and enjoy this traditionally gastronomically rich region of Italy, while providing both comfortable and elegant surroundings.

Rural Cuisine

The Abruzzi mountains are full of small and unique villages each with its own gastronomic secrets, characterised by fresh seasonings. This knowledge has been collected and developed in to our own special menu.

The major activity is breeding and it’s exactly this meat which fills the plates full of fantastic flavours and aromas.

Marine cuisine

The coast’s cuisine is rich with fish dishes including a variety of famous fish soups.

Our delicious hors d’ouevres are prepared from the finest ingredients including a variety of seafood. These can of course be followed with lovely first courses and various second courses typical of regional.


Every day, except Monday

From 12:00 to 14:30
From 19:00 to 23:00

085 4465565

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